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How Leverset Started

Several years ago I had the opportunity to contract a large volume of setting work for a major designer jewelry brand. As the volume grew, so did the headaches. Breakage and abrasions to the stones, damaged mountings, stones that loosened through the finishing process and inconsistent quality were just some of the problems I encountered.

After searching for answers from employees and vendors, I realized that each setter had a different method. Set in their ways, they had their own special way of holding, bending, pushing , cutting and finishing setting work. With so little standardization in the industry and small individual shops each working independently all over the country, there was no right or wrong way to set. The only limitation to their methods were the findings that were available. It was then that I came to the conclusion that it was not the methods that needed changing but the findings themselves. What was needed was a better way to apply the force.

The answer: add a lever to the prong tip. The lever, one of man’s simple machines to the rescue. Not only did the lever reduce the effort needed to bend the tip, it made for a great handle to clamp ordinary pliers to the work. No denting of the mounting, no need for shellac. Now, the prong can be sturdy and still be carefully bent. Levers are part of almost every device we use, so why not a prong?

This was just the beginning. What we discovered was that by controlling the bending force, we were able to precut the seats to greater detail than ever before. The finished tip could be bent as it was designed. Advances in the use of computer aided design and rapid prototyping enabled the settings to be modeled to nearly finished shape, thus eliminating many of the steps needed to convert a raw prong. Our patented “V” prong setting is especially advanced, simplifying the process of setting Princess cut stones.

The results are extraordinary:

  • Faster, by eliminating unneeded preparation and finishing
  • Tighter stones
  • No need for special tools
  • Consistently great results, exceptional symmetry

Combine all this with our innovative designs and commitment to great quality and you have an entirely new way to set gems. Try it for yourself; with no cost or obligation. Just visit our free sample page for details.

Why Use Leverset?

Lever-Set is a patented* new technology that makes setting easier. It saves time, improves quality and protects stones and mountings. The perfect setting for manufacturers, designers or repair jewelers.


Force is applied to the lever, not the tip of the prong. The Lever-Set method does not use an impact or abrupt force. You have complete control of the gradual setting motion and there is never a need for hammers or pushers.


Firm pressure is applied individually to each prong. The levers allow for thicker tips that would be difficult to bend with conventional methods.

Good For All Stones

Can be used on diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones. Makes setting all shapes and cuts easier. The Lever-Set method is the solution to your toughest setting jobs.

No Special Tools

The Lever-Set setting can be set with ordinary pliers and bench tools.

Consistently Great Results

The levers allow for easy adjustment in all directions. You don't remove the levers until you setting is exactly the way you want it.


You have to try it to believe it.

* U.S. Patent 6,598,277